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Inspired by the theme of self - reflection explored in Zoë Modiga’s beloved debut album Yellow : The Novel, the anticipated sophomore offering of Inganekwane, translated “zulu fairytale” goes further into this introspection to reveal messages of identity. Alongside the birds eye of  BandaBanda and a family of world class musicians, they produce a melting pot of Western African rhythm, nostalgic guitars, Southern African sensibilities, heartfelt Zulu storytelling and a transformative intention. 


“Much like the colour yellow connected us to the “Yellow” era, the cow serves as the official emblem in this offering”, Zoë explains the album cover. 


“As a child, I had a quiet and thoughtful disposition and I created worlds for myself as I felt quite alienated from reality very early on. I would visit my paternal grandmother where I was fascinated and drawn to the nature of cows. I would stare into the eyes of cows and watch them chewing the cud and I’d feel as though it was a moment of true divinity with an overflowing peace. I would later learn that cows bare much cultural significance by providing food and clothing, they are our sense of wealth, our sacred offering, our inspiration for song and storytelling. I realise now that truly, they are at the heart of our memory and history as a people.”


And so, Zoë chews the cud with this love letter, asking that we rise to our giant selves by remembering all that we truly are.  


The album boosts collaborations with South African Grammy

winning studio engineers, Papi Direste and Oyama Songo, American Grammy Winning mixing engineers Carlos Bedoya and Marc Urselli and Grammy winning mastering engineer Jose Blanco. 







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